About Mike Hargraves

Mike brings almost 20 years of tactical experience and thousands of real-world operations with state, local and federal agencies. Mike travels the world speaking to groups of entrepreneurs, executives, and employees, assisting them in taking their game to the ultimate level in a very fun and interactive environment.
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About Mike

Michael Hargraves is recognized as an acclaimed Business Consultant, Author, Team Building Trainer and Success Coach. Mike's unique method of using SWAT tactics to achieve success is absolutely engaging and effective. What you walk away with, is an approach to business that will completely overwhelm the competition.

A dedicated husband and father of two, Mike has spent the last 15 years building, operating, and owning several successful businesses. Seeing the results of applying these tactics to his own businesses, he began consulting individuals and large companies alike increasing their productivity and profitability.

"We do this by identifying the strengths of individuals, link them in common purpose and give them the tools they need to surgically create prevailing results. The tactics we discuss are not theory, I know this because my life depended on them. Not my paycheck or my reputation, but my life and the lives of others." -Mike Hargraves

Mike was hand-selected by multiple SWAT Teams and Law Enforcement Agencies to develop their skills, enhance teamwork and synergy to achieve extraordinary results.

Mike has delivered keynote speeches and strategy sessions to tens of thousands across the world including the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and Canada.

When SWAT shows up, they win." Join the ranks of thousands who have learned to apply the tactics and strategies used by elite Tactical Teams to ensure success in whatever you do.

You will love his engaging, down-to-earth realistic approach. It doesn't matter what you do for a living, these strategies and tactics were designed to achieve victory. Whether it be your business, life, or goals, you can BE SWAT at whatever you do.
  • Brigham Young University
  • UVSC Flight School
  • Police Officer Standards and Training Category I,II
  • Advanced Corrections Certified
  • 33rd Basic Special Emergency Response Team Academy
  • Correctional SWAT Prep Academy
  • Utah County SWAT School
  • Defense Technology OC Aerosol Projectors Instructor
  • Range Master Fire Arms Instructor
  • ACT Instructor
  • PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • PPCT Spontaneous Knife Defense Instructor
  • Instructor Development
  • Specialty Impact Munitions Instructor
  • Federal Lab Tactical Chemical Weapons Instructor
  • Glock Armorer
  • Cannabis Detection and Eradication Certified
  • HIDTA Canine Interdictions Certification
  • Clandestine Drug Lab First Responder Certified
  • Passenger Train Emergency Response Certification
  • P.O.S.T. Field Training Officer Certification
  • First Line Supervisor Course
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Course
  • Incident Reporting System Certification
  • SWAT Management and Tactical Command Certification
  • 2007 iMergent Speaker of the year
  • Fred House Police Training Academy Valedictorian Session #058 1995
  • Police Standards and Training Superior Fitness award Session #196 1995
  • State of Utah Certificate of Commendation 1996
  • 1996 International Toughest Cop Alive Challenge Top 5
  • State of Utah Medal Of Merit 1996
  • 1997 Intermountain SWAT Olympics Team Champions
  • 1997 Intermountain SWAT Olympics Toughest Cop Alive Champion
  • 1998 Intermountain SWAT Olympics Team Champions
  • 1999 Intermountain SWAT Olympics Team Champions
  • 1999 Intermountain SWAT Olympics Toughest Cop Alive Champion
  • State of Utah Medal Of Merit 1999

What people say?

Mike Hargraves is the real deal. There is nothing fake about him. As a speaker,businessman and former SWAT member, he has well of knowledge and brings it to the table every time. I've learned a lot from Mike and view him as a mentor. I highly recommend him and his talents."

Nathan Osmond

What people say?

"In the business world, there are doers, and those that talk about it. Mike is definitely one you can count on to get it done. A true self-starter, I have been impressed time and time again with his ability to build innovative programs and bring them to market at Internet speed. Besides my respect for Mike in business, I admire who he is as a person, and as a friend, he can be counted on when in need."

Brady Whittingham, CEO, Balz Ventures, LLC

What people say?

"I can count on one hand the number of people I have met in my life that I would trust my life to. Mike gets the number 1 spot. I don't say that lightly as he has proven that distinction many times. I would not hesitate to recommend Mike for whatever endeavor he puts his mind to. If you want a guy that has been there and done that, and excelled at all of it......he's your guy!"

Mark Maxfield, President/CEO, The Cottages, LLC

What people say?

"Mike had our Leadership Academy participants engaged from the moment his presentation began. Our future leaders were motivated, inspired and determined to make a difference in their everyday work after hearing Mike’s message. The BeSWAT mindset resonated with staff was fun and engaging!"

Debbie Whitlock, Deputy Director, Division of Juvenile Justice Services

What people say?

"To say that Mike’s presentation was eye opening is an understatement. During his program, I could see and feel how inspired our employees were becoming. Mike’s No-Fail Mindset has set the stage for the way we carry out our daily duties. Most importantly being able to hear staff talk about accountability and commitment with each other is life changing in our field of work."

Michelle Havranek, Director of Mill Creek Youth Center

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